Designing for Purpose

By Lindsey Lockwood This week I’d like to revisit a big project of mine that I first discussed on the printmaking page here; where you can read about how I actually went about carving and printing these linoleum blocks. As a visual arts major with concentrations both in Graphic Design and Print Media, I often apply both studies to my work. You’ve already read how … Continue reading Designing for Purpose

Mixed Media in Painting

By: Courtney McCreary One of the most beneficial aspects of painting is the versatility of paints themselves. Different paints can be incorporated into mixed media pieces to create some really cool effects. Since there are a plethora of mixed media combinations, this week I thought I’d share a few that I’ve worked with before. These are just a handful, so remember you can always experiment … Continue reading Mixed Media in Painting

Victorians Had a lot of Time on Their Hands

By: Joanna Wallace In the 1800s, hair work was a very common and normal art form as well as a fashionable way to remember people who had died. This process was meticulous and thoroughly planned, and patterns and instructions were readily available just as quilting or sewing patterns were abundant in the 1950s. Wearing handmade hair jewelry and accessories was a personal way to show … Continue reading Victorians Had a lot of Time on Their Hands

Hand-Lettered Menu Design

By Lindsey Lockwood There are so many things that are possible under the realm of graphic design, it’s not always about working on a computer! Hand-lettering is becoming more and more popular online, and things like calligraphy and traditional sign lettering are making a definite comeback. A good designer applies the same aesthetic outlook and design to a digital format as they would a physical … Continue reading Hand-Lettered Menu Design

Trixie Mattel Prismacolor Drawing

By: Staci Srebro This week, I’m taking a break from drawings for my future exhibition work. I love the subject matter I’m working on, but sometimes you just need to step back from the pressure of making art that will be critiqued much more heavily. I feel like some people at times feel like art is just always for fun, relaxation, or an outlet for … Continue reading Trixie Mattel Prismacolor Drawing