Things that Date a Photo

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ Having various props, costuming, and other elements in your work is a source of great excitement and fun for a photographer! There are certain times that we want to have a photo dated by the various elements contained within it, however there are also times when a photo is stronger when it can remain timeless. For the … Continue reading Things that Date a Photo

Art You Can Get Into

By: Joanna Wallace The Mattress Factory Museum was founded in 1977 on Pittsburgh’s North Side. The main building, originally built in 1900, was a Stearns & Foster mattress warehouse, and in 1982, the first exhibition of installations opened to the public. Since this opening, the Mattress Factory has shown work by over 750 artists. “The museum supports established and emerging artists through a residency program … Continue reading Art You Can Get Into

A Wearable Design

By Lindsey Lockwood Design-oriented tasks involving clothes are some of my favorite projects to do! It is always rewarding to see your work displayed or be put to use. It is extra special when someone enjoys or connects with your design so much that they want to physically wear it. I have been lucky enough to do a couple of shirt designs for different programs … Continue reading A Wearable Design

History of Screen Printing

By: Sarah Wiltshire I thought we would start out the semester with a short history of screen printing. Screen Printing, though nothing like what we have today, can be found at the beginning of recorded history. It was first practiced in early China. It was used as a method to transfer designs on to fabric. Modern silk screens, silk stretched over a frame, were introduced … Continue reading History of Screen Printing

Animal Series: Praying Mantis

By: Staci Srebro As previously mentioned in last week’s post, I am drawing a series of animals and building up a body of work for my future senior art show. I am trying to draw as many different types of animals as possible: not only mammals, or only cats…even though they are my favorite animals! I drew a Praying Mantis because they are one of … Continue reading Animal Series: Praying Mantis

Perfect Painting Palettes

By: Courtney McCreary Hey there! This week I thought I’d share some general tips for taking care of your oil painting palette. For an oil painter, a wooden palette is a traditional tool that can last years if treated well, so proper maintenance now will help you in the long run. Check out these tips! DO find a palette that’s comfortable for you. They come … Continue reading Perfect Painting Palettes

Man-Made Structures in Nature

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ This week I decided to look through a bunch of pictures that I had taken to see what if any repeating themes come up that I wasn’t aware of. I like to think that we unconsciously are drawn back to the same themes. The type of images I think I am drawn to take unconsciously are man-made … Continue reading Man-Made Structures in Nature

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Why Is It Famous? – The Pantheon

By: Joanna Wallace In the middle of bustling, crowded old-city Rome, there stands many ancient monuments and buildings, but none better preserved and more intact than the Pantheon. Before going to Rome, I had never heard of this building and didn’t think much of it even while standing in front of it. Once I heard/read the history of it, though, and realized just how special … Continue reading Why Is It Famous? – The Pantheon