Nocturnal Urban Landscapes

By: Jeremy Cannon

~Hello and good Monday everyone!~

This week I took an interest in urban landscapes. I decided to walk around Scranton and found myself drawn to this small coffee shop’s exterior. I liked the lines that it created and couldn’t resist snapping a couple photos. In these photographs I wanted to really capture the essence of mystery and romance the ally-way emitted.


The featured photo intrigues me, the lines the frames create give the whole composition a depth that is usually hard to achieve in a single photograph. I love the way they suggest a pocket dimension and the plant bursting forward into our reality.


This one has a more voyeuristic feel to it. I like to equate the vibe of this photo to an outside observer watching a date. The lighting from the window is so delicate and soft, it lends itself to the bust figure resting inside.

These two are a pair in my mind. I took one laying on the ground and the other standing but they have the same approach to them. I enjoy how to lighting seems to flare with excitement at the possibilities. This set has a funny little story to it–when I was laying down to take the first one a women who was siting outside the coffee shop was so shocked because I just walked by and plopped myself down on the dirty ground. She left very quickly after that.

~Have a wonderful week!~

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