Type Face

By: Catara Lane

This week I was in my Creative Workshop Book (by David Sherwin) and came across challenge 34 out of 80. It was to find your favorite public figure and construct the person’s face out of words that you thought best described his/her spirit. I chose Kanye West, and I had 90 minutes to get this message across.

If I had more time I could have sat there and try to draw his face and then put quotes over it. But instead I used a Word Cloud processor.

Word Clouds are used to visually express a picture in word form. They usually fill the negative space in the picture with words and leave the positive space blank. There are many websites that can generate them for you, like the ones below:

I used an app from the Apple App store called “Phoetic.” There are 3 easy steps to create something like this finished image on the right.

One, create a shape or choose a picture, I chose this one and converted it to black and white.

Step two was to create a word list, and that’s where I typed in the quotes.

Step three was to adjust the settings, like the color and size of the text.

Finally step four was to generate the word cloud.

The last thing I did was put a white background behind it because it was transparent, by doing it this way I turned an activity that usually would take over an hour to just a little over 30 minutes. 

Photograph courtesy of: Source


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