Painting with Light

By: Jeremy Cannon

~Hello and good Monday everyone!~


I always love to experiment and try new things, especially with my photography. Too often I get stuck looking for the perfect composition, the best lighting, or even if I’m taking the photo in the correct time of day for the piece. Sometimes you just need to have fun and leave it up to chance. That’s why this week I set my shutter speed to 15 seconds or more and had a blast!


Painting with Light

Painting with light is a fun technique that allows you to edit your photo in real-time with light. This could be anything from spotlighting to actually doodling your entire composition. Personally I like to use a dark setting already and set my camera to shutter priority. I find that a shutter speed of 15 works best for me since I usually hand hold my camera, but if you’re using a tripod or resting it on a surface you can always go higher.



This Week’s Photographs

These photos were taken while I was the passenger in a car (please do not try to take photos while you’re driving.) This method allows the lights of other cars, as well as city lights, create dynamic lines that seem to mimic lightning.

~Have a wonderful week!~

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