Exploring Different Paints

by: Courtney McCreary

Hey there, friends!~

This week I wanted to review the pros and cons of different types of paint. Everyone has their preference, and some people find that certain paints work better depending on their own painting styles. The best thing to do is experiment and find out what floats your boat. So here’s a basic overview of watercolors, acrylics, and oils.


Watercolors are the most difficult of the three paints to work with. It’s often used in illustration, combined with pen or graphite. Watercolors leave very little room for adjustment once the paint is on the paper, so you have to be precise in placing your brushstrokes. It’s also easy to overly apply paint, creating a “muddy” appearance. On the other hand, watercolors are useful in mixed media and can be used alongside other wet and dry materials. Personally I think watercolors are fun to experiment with. They can produce some gorgeous, bright colors.


Acrylics have a plastic binder, causing them dry faster (about 20 min). This can either be either good or bad, depending on the painter. For some people, the quick drying time is convenient, but for others (like me) this can be frustrating because it doesn’t allow you to go back and make adjustments. Once it’s dry, there’s no going back. However, because it’s water based, acrylics are great for washes. At the same time they’re able to be applied thickly, making them very versatile paints to work with.


Out of the these paints, oils are definitely my favorite to work with. They have a thicker consistency than acrylics, and because they’re oil based, they take way longer to dry out. This makes them easier to work with and make any adjustments. They’re great for anyone who’s new to painting.

What kind of paints do you each prefer?

Have a great week!~

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