Halloween Illustrations

By: Staci Srebro

Hello everyone!

Since this is my last post for the month of October, I decided to do two different Halloween themed illustrations in honor of my favorite holiday!


My first illustration is my favorite animal, a cat (a ghost cat in this case), with a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

Drawing should be fun…most of the time, so it’s important to love the subject you’re drawing. Of course, it’s also important to do more “technical” drawings like studying a figure by sighting and measuring, which builds your knowledge on how exactly to draw in the first place. You can balance that by taking breaks to draw basically anything you want.


I shaded this drawing with Prismacolor pencils, and I built up multiple layers very slowly. I find that slowly building up layers makes the colors look richer.


My second drawing is of a bat and it pertains to my  future senior show work for Keystone College (when you reach your senior year at Keysone you are reqired to build a cohesive body of artwork that is at a professional level, to be shown in a group exhibition).

I am drawing a series of animals that will eventually be made into prints that are pushed from reality. I add extra eyes, limbs, take away limbs, elongate features, and add other variations to make them more creepy and look like they’re not a part of this world.


I like pushing my artwork in general away from reality, whether that be with subject matter or with the media itself; for example, in a painting, I paint with thick, heavy brushstrokes so a person looking at the artwork could obviously tell it’s a painting.

I hope my artwork will inspire anyone reading this to be creative and express themselves through art; whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, or anything else!

Happy early Halloween!


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