Hand-built Ceramic Form and Mugs

By: Will Lycholaj

When I spend time in the studio I’m usually hunched over a wheel throwing pots. I find the revolving nature of the wheel hypnotic, and it’s easy to get lost in the tall sweeping lines as a form arises from the mud. Sometimes however, I just don’t have the mental or physical energy to bend twenty-five pounds of clay to my will. These occasional bouts of lassitude led me to hand-built functional ware and forms.

Mugs are cradled and embraced; they’re often one of the first things we pick up in the morning and possibly one of the last objects we put down in the evening.

I want that initial or final experience to be cozy and relaxed; so I like the idea of a hand-built mug, because by manipulating the clay in my hand the form is naturally ergonomic. I then try to carry those ergonomics into the formation of the handles which I prefer to two or three fingers large; but I have yet to find a handle design that I like the best, so there is still a lot of experimentation going on.

Hand-built Mugs:

I also tried my hand at building with clay slabs. This form is a continuation of an idea I had a while ago, involving heavily abstracted birds.

Bird Form:20171016_132319

Tune in in a few weeks to see these pieces fired.


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