Mandala Art

By: Catara Lane

Have you ever wondered where the design on tapestries came from? Well, the design on modern-day tapestries is mainly mandala art.

The mandala originated as a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism that represented the universe.

Now the mandala has become a term for any diagram, chart, or geometric pattern that represents the universe being well-ordered and spiritual, symbolically.

You don’t have to think that deeply about it if you don’t want to, but there is a computer-based method in which you can make your own mandala/tapestry design.

It’s an IOS App called Amaziograph; Amaziograph provides different types of symmetries to make aesthetically pleasing tessellations like kaleidoscope or mirror effect designs. It’s actually very easy to use.



I used all black but you can use whatever color you like when making your own. (you can use a stylus or your fingers)

You can even mix colors to make new ones if they don’t have ones that you like.  You’ll have to pinch to zoom in if you really want defined detail.

It uses grids to give you an overlapped pedal look. The app uses symmetry so whatever you draw on one side will draw on the other side automatically.


When your done you can save your design to your gallery.

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