Study of Expressiveness

By: Staci Srebro

For this week, I decided to do a small drawing exercise on my expressiveness with my drawings and characters.


Cats are my favorite animals, and they make a great subject to play with emotion because their bodies are already expressive, so I can push the actions they’re doing into further exaggeration.

I used reference photos for each cat, but pushed the curves and angles for each, or I elongated or squished down some of their body proportions.

I feel like making art expressive is important, especially if you do cartoon or stylized illustrations; like I prefer to do. A drawing is just that…a drawing. Meaning, your options are limitless on what you can put on paper, so it’s okay to make things break from reality.

A viewer looking at your drawing only sees a 2D image, and it’s up to you as an artist to convey a feeling, emotion, or action with a static image.


I kept this drawing as a line drawing instead of coloring it as I usually do. I feel like this drawing is more about playing with shapes and line to show the different actions that cats do.

Happy drawing everyone!

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