A Printed Portrait

By Lindsey Lockwood

For this new project I wanted to take a past technique and do a little experimentation. In my previous post I discussed a color reduction linoleum print. I believe that the end result was successful, but I regretted not doing different color variations and different series. Once the final layer was done for that specific edition, I was unable to go back to other areas as the block was basically finished. I want to be able to achieve that same effect, but by two or more blocks instead of carving away at just one.

The Subject


I have always been interested in incorporating portraiture into my printmaking, so it’s about time I get started! I decided to use my youngest brother John as my portrait model; and was able to get this candid shot out of him to use as a reference.


The Blocks

As a mostly experimental print, I wanted to keep this one relatively small and limit it to only two blocks. The first one is strictly the most vital lines and contours of the face, arm and shirt, as well as the hair. The second one is a carefully created grouping of shaded areas of the face, including the hollows of the eyes, the ears, and the gums above the teeth.

The Final Prints

The blocks had to be run through the press one at a time, and I had to be sure to line up the paper onto the block as perfectly as possible. There are several delicate areas that need to be matched up exactly in order to be clear. The left print is the contour block printed alone, and the final print is the two of them put together!

Now that I see that this experiment did in fact work effectively, I can move onto varying colors and groupings, and apply this method to bigger and more complicated prints. Thank you for reading!

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