The Hyper-Realism of Lee Price

By: Melanie Rosato

lee price cover photo
Happy Meal, 2010, oil on linen

Lee Price is from New York and attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Pa to achieve her BFA (basically in the backyard of where I’m writing this post from!). She went on to study at various institutions and with personal mentors.

Her large-scale, hyper-realistic oil paintings have strong personal, social, and conceptual meanings. While the subject is almost always the artist herself, she still manages to confront topics such as binge eating, body image, societal views on women, and desire; which speak to large groups of people and audiences.

She achieves this through meticulous planning of every element in her pieces. The settings she typically places herself in, bathrooms and beds, are intimate spaces that usually aren’t where people eat. This decision elevates the secrecy and ecstasy surrounding her figures in their state of indulgence.

The artist stated that, “The paintings are about compulsion, and excess can be an aspect of compulsive behavior. No one gets excessive with carrots.” Price’s themes revolve around topics similar to this, including desires of women; represented through food. While she illustrates this idea through binge eating it also could be interpreted as an assertion of women’s desires through transparency.


lee price 2
Refuge, 2009. oil on linen


Interview article: Source
Featured Photo info: Grilled Cheese, 2010, oil on linen.
Image Sources: 1, 2, and 3

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