By: Jeremy Cannon

      ~ Hello and good Monday everyone!~

When I think about photography, doing shoots, or projects for class I’m always thinking in terms in terms of realism and getting the most amount of information into my shots. I decided to set a personal goal for the week and take more abstract and or surreal photos. Keeping up with blogging has me looking to experiment and make sure that I as an artist expand my personal repertoire.

Abstraction, to me has always been about taking something familiar, or common and then twisting it into a view, position, form, etc that breathes freshness back into it. It’s like learning something new about your best friend.

This Weeks Photographs

This photo is my favorite of the week. Something about the organic curvilinear shapes sweeping across the frame speaks to me. I also think that the earth tones lend themselves to the organic shapes. The crisp focus in the forefront gives it that special quality I am always craving in my photography.


As a companion to the previous picture I decided to focus on similar sweeping shapes. I enjoy the way both photos have lines that ebb and flow back into themselves. As a contrast I wanted to use white as the primary color in this one. I feel like the stark whiteness works with the earthy tones the same way the shapes themselves do.


I love contrast! It plays a huge role in a large quantity of my work. Naturally I couldn’t allow myself to only take pictures of organic material so I decided to take pictures of my ceramic work to contrast the free-flowing nature of the plant related photographs.

Overall I really had such a great time this week. I learned that I should really give abstraction  more of a shot because I had so much fun this week. I hope you enjoyed my work this week!

~Have a wonderful week!~

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