Color Experimentation

By: Lindsey Lockwood

Last week I discussed how I put together a portrait print using two blocks; this week I wanted to experiment with them!

Colors & Combos

I chose my colors and paper tones carefully. My goal was to make combinations that would clearly be from the same color family and other combinations that would be opposite of that. I used neutral colors that could be natural body tones, and a few more vibrant colors to build some contrast.

The assemblage of the two linoleum blocks printed together were narrow enough to fit onto one sheet of paper, so I was also able to experiment with the relationship created by two images next to each other.

By keeping the color of the hair and the contours the same color in each print shown above, I believe the pairing of portraits in each are bonded.


The rest of the prints, shown above, have some more variation to them. I think the most successful ones are the combinations of light shadows and dark contours, like the rightmost images in the bottom two pictures.

I still plan to experiment more in color with these blocks, as there are endless combinations of color to see! With each run of the press I am inspired to create bigger portraits with more elements other than the subject; whether it be text or added imagery. Stay tuned for what I come up with!

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