By: Jeremy Cannon

~ Hello and good Monday everyone!~

With the seasons starting to change, I cant help but feel the need to capture the fleeting colors of fall as they co-mingle with the frost. I personally prefer frost in photographs as compared to snow. I think that photos with snow seem to date themselves much more than pictures of any other season. I still think that winter photographs are valid, but it sets a certain mood people just aren’t always in. Without further adieu  here are this weeks photos.

This Week’s Photographs

I  am naturally drawn to the color yellow, it repeats constantly through my body of work. When I saw these yellow leaves encased in the morning frost I  could not  resist taking some shots. The bold yellow plays with the somber bluish-green tones of the grass and really pulls the yellow forward giving it a good sense of depth.IMAG7677

This one is my favorite of the week. I think the lavender purple looks amazing. The soft background with the very focused foreground adds a sense of importance to the dying flowers. It almost seems to emphasize the delicate nature of the petals.


I like the red and orange tones of the leaves in this photo, it was the main reason I was drawn to this composition. I wish I could have taken this photograph without the cars, but it’s almost an impossible task in the city.

~Have a Wonderful Week~ 


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