Complementary Colors Study

By: Staci Srebro

Hello everyone,

This week’s post is a continuation of the previous week’s where I  talked about complementary colors.

I wanted to apply complementary colors to one of my drawings themed around flowers. After inking the drawing in a black outline, I will be coloring it using a mainly red and green color scheme.

flowergirl (1)
I chose this color scheme because I used to find it a difficult color scheme to work with before I studied color theory and learned a lot more about color.

A lot of people associate red and green with Christmas, but this does not have to be true. Red and green, just like any complementary colors, play off of one another very well, by making each other pop.

For this particular drawing, I used more green than red because I feel like reds usually are the most vibrant as compared to greens, so too much red can be overpowering and make the green get lost. Complementary colors can be used to your advantage, but you need to plan out how much of each one you use so they don’t look like they’re fighting for attention in your drawing.

Happy drawing everyone!

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