Meet Emil Underbjerg

By: Melanie Rosato

Let me introduce you to Emil Underbjerg, an illustrator and print-maker who utilizes dynamic line qualities to set his figures apart from other artist’s work.


Through extensive sketching and planning the artist creates plans for linoleum cut and screen prints that have the resolution to stand alone as finished work. The variation in line weight and orientation create exciting textures and tone without distracting from the partial and complete figures. Gesture is an important element in these images, with the figures contorting and extending their limbs and fingers to create exciting negative space and contours. While some of the images are slightly stylized, others are more sensitively rendered and have narrative qualities that pay homage to film stills and in-the-moment snapshots.

These drawings translate into linoleum cuts and screen prints that have the same qualities but are often heightened with the addition of color. Shown in the example below is a large scale linoleum print that the artist described as one of the most ambitious personal projects that he has completed. The image is an interpretation of the Greek God,  Gaia who is depicted as the mother of the earth or the personification of earth, which explains the blending of organic matter with the figure in the image, and the overall mythical imagery.

GAIA TITANIA, 2017, Linoleum

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