A Different Kind of Museum

By: Joanna Wallace

A few weekends ago, a couple fellow art students and I took a little field trip down to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. There are sculpture gardens, and then there is Grounds for Sculpture; it is unlike any sculpture garden or museum I have ever been to. It is comprised of forty-two acres of land formerly used as the New Jersey fairgrounds, and it is covered with sculptures and gardens and pathways that will keep you lost for hours.

If you have any interest in sculpture or in taking a beautiful walk filled with art and art lovers, then this is a must-see place.

The paths, ponds, lake, exhibition buildings, and restaurants cover a massive amount of land, and though we arrived shortly after opening (at 10am), we did not leave until it closed at 6pm!

It was a fantastic trip and walk, and I highly recommend to anyone to visit this “different kind of museum,” there are surprises around every bend and even off the path. It is only $10 for students to enter (though you do need to purchase timed tickets), and is open year-round.

One of the stars of the show for us was a beautiful glass installation in the “museum building,” which included a few parts but had a large yellow panel that curved gracefully and caught our attention very quickly. It was amazing to see, but what made it more amazing was the golden atmosphere it created as the sun was setting and shining directly onto the piece. This was well worth the drive, and I suggest everyone go see it before it is taken down in February of next year.


Nearly everything was just captivating in this park, but some of my personal favorites were the classic paintings turned into 3D sculptures. Let me know what you think if you visit this magical place!

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All photos taken by the author

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