Nature Photography

By: Jeremy Cannon

~ Hello and good Monday everyone!~

This week has been very stressful for me. I needed to take some time for myself and really put an effort into releasing the stress so I could focus back on my work. I decided that a great way to do that would be to take a hike through a local trail. On my hike I really decompressed from the week and by the end I felt a whole lot better!

I couldn’t help but snap some shots of some beautiful sights. Reflecting back on it, that was probably my last hike for the season since winter is almost on its way, so I am quite happy that I remembered to get some pictures.

This Week’s Photographs

I really love how these two photos show the way that light plays a huge role in photography. The two have completely different energies and feel like they are separate locations. I personally feel like the second is the stronger image.


After I was done taking pictures of the bridge I walked a little further down stream and found this really interesting tree. It’s roots were warping around the rocks in such a desperate way as if to not be swept downstream by the river. I honestly really related to this tree and that’s the entire reason I took this picture.


I found this empty nest along the way. I enjoy how the light gives it a sense of great importance. I would have loved to see the birds who built it, so maybe I’ll try to go back in the spring and see if I can catch a glimpse of them.

~Have a Wonderful Week~

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