“Hey There Demons, It’s Me, Ya Boy”

By: Courtney McCreary

As the semester winds down and I slowly lose my mental stability, this week I thought I’d share a painting I did entirely for fun. This is a 9×12 painting on canvas that I did over the summer. Obviously it’s not the greatest painting. It’s definitely not something I’d ever exhibit, just something fun I made on a spur of the moment need to paint.


With this painting I didn’t have anything specific planned out. I started off painting a crude head shape, then along came a snout, then the weird skinny neck. By then I just went with it until I was satisfied with it, and I ended up witht this little demonic fellow that you see here.

Like I said, it’s not great in terms of technique. However, the mood and subject matter are actually what I’m hoping to explore more of for my senior exhibition next year. My goal is to create scenes of cryptids and monsters in natural settings, using either oil paints or some type of mixed media, or maybe both! Eh, we’ll see. I’ll likely end up doing more intentional studies similar to this format. Hopefully I’ll have some more finished pieces to show next semester.

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