Paste Paper

By Lindsey Lockwood

Recently I experimented with making Paste Paper for the first time. A Paste Paper is a sheet of paper (I used Canson) that has been altered by painting on the surface with an acrylic paint and methyl cellulose mixture. After laying down the colored paste mixture, designs are created by carefully using brushes or different types of tools and household items to make lines or to add texture.

Most paste paper is intended for use in bookmaking and binding processes, whether that be for cover papers and/or end papers; but paste paper can also be used in printmaking as a ground to be printed onto. I plan on using some of these in both respects, as I will be learning to make books next semester.

Here is a selection of what I created in my first go around… I used tools like a hair comb, sea sponge, even a fork! Some use neon colors while others are neutral or metallic; some appear organic in line quality while the rest are pretty geometric. I am looking forward to making more!

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