Light and Shadow

By: Jeremy Cannon

~ Hello and good Monday everyone!~

The semester is slowly coming to a close and as I put my final touches on my assignments, I started to notice that I had gradually moved away from the slight nuances of lighting as well as incorporating shadow as a subject. For a large portion of my work I mainly focus on self-portraiture that contains close up’s that have varying textures, so when it comes to the blog  I try to explore various subjects that I don’t normally touch on.

This Week’s Photographs 

IMAG7425_1 As I drink my morning coffee, I look out the window and greet each day with a feeling of “~ehh It’ll be an okay day.” and it usually works out wonderful. I think the reason that I enjoy this image is that it turns an ordinary view I personally see constantly and breathes in a new freshness and special quality into the photograph.


I find this photo really interesting. I really love the way the harsh diagonal lines seem to have a  juxtaposition with the clean lines of the shadow cast on the grass. I like the way the concrete steps look as if they are outlined with chalk like line, which are most likely the result of the scuffs from years of use.


As a companion piece to the previous photograph I wanted to highlight the opposite type of texture that the concert had taken on. The image before had a smooth flow to it, while in this photo the concert has a much rougher texture that directly contrasts the slick shadow being cast across it.

~Have a Wonderful Week~


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