Non-Organic Subject Matter

By: Jeremy Cannon

~ Hello and good Monday everyone! 

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my content here lately and I realized that my usual post usually have at least one photo being centered around organic material. I try not to get stuck in the same repetitive loop that subject matter can become so this week I challenged myself to find some of my non-organic photographs as well as to take some. That being said, full disclosure some of these photos were not taking this week.



(~I was a passenger in a car when I took this photo, Please don’t take pictures while driving~)

This was too good to pass up. The blue from the truck matches the rich color of the sky way too well. I love the major contrast of the rusty vertical pillars that draw the eye to the cab and sky and emphasis the correlating colors.


This was taken this summer in a lighthouse in Oak Island North Carolina. I looked up as I was touring the lower levels and was enchanted by the sweeping curvilinear lines of the structure that are in direct contrast with the sharp parallels of the staircase.


With this photo I tried to be a little more experimental with light. I had used several light sources with different kinds of hues to them. for example I had lamp with a yellow light bulb as well as natural light and some others. My biggest complaint about it, is that it wiped out the white in the picture. Color wise I think this is the most interesting but least successful of the photos.

~Have a wonderful week!~

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