Using Blick Markers

By: Staci Srebro

Recently, I bought myself some Blick brand markers. I wanted some high quality markers like Copics, but I heard good things about Blick markers, that they’re highly similar to Copics, and they’re more affordable, so I tried them out.

IMG_20180111_224328_406-1I started with a sketch of some characters from the movie  My Neighbor Totoro.

I wanted to draw something that I could use soft colors on to test out my markers.

The markers are very soft, and the tips of them bend like the top of a paintbrush. The ink from the markers is alcohol based instead of water based so it’s easier to fill in large areas of color without giving the marks a splotchy look. You can also blend multiple layers of different colors together.


The markers also have a thinner tip and a wider tip on either side so I was able to fill in large sections of color but also do smaller details like the eyes on the characters.

Overall, I recommend these markers, but they are expensive. This is my first time using higher end markers, so I still have practicing to do to really use them to my advantage. I’ll make more posts in the future using these markers.

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