Double Exposure on a Polaroid Camera

By: Jeremy Cannon

~ Hello and good Monday everyone!~

~I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break, and is settling into the new year well!~

I use double exposed images in my work a lot so it always nice to get a simple sample of what type of image I’m trying for before I take and edit my images. I found out that some instant cameras can actually be used to take double exposures so I’ve been playing around with the technique for a couple of days now. It definitely took me some time to figure it out correctly and I messed up a couple of times but I really love the way it looks!

The way you create a double exposure with the instant camera I use (Fuji Film Instax Mini 8) is that you open the back  of the camera up as you shoot your first picture.  (The picture below is how it will look,)IMAG7899

Now as soon as you take the photo you will want to tilt the film cartridge back gently so that the film camera doesn’t send the film up  through the slit as usual.


Use your thumb to support the cartridge gently so that it doesn’t fall out and expose your film to light.  Like in the picture above the film cartridge only needs to be slightly tilted. A good reference point is that you shouldn’t hold it past the shell of the camera itself. The film will stay inside the camera and be ready for the double exposure.

Close the camera back up and shoot your second image! This time the film will be fed through the top of your camera. The hardest part about the whole process is waiting for the picture to develop. I’m always so impatient with this step but watching the image slowly come together is always so exciting!

~This Week’s Photographs~


These are the two most successful double exposures I’ve taken so far. I really love the one on the right and will definitely be making it into a piece for my show coming up. I love the way my face looks as if an apparition is haunting the images. They remind me of old séance photos which is why I think I love this technique.

~Have a Wonderful Week!~



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