Meet Ruth Speer

By: Melanie Rosato


Let me introduce you to Ruth Speer, an Oregon painter whose work explores mythically and includes portraiture, botany, and ornate detail.

In an interview with Written Citizen, Speer recalls her interest and excitement for art came from watching her mother, a graphic designer, illustrate, and well as children’s books she often read and looked at. Specifically The Twelve Dancing Princesses,¬†illustrated by K.Y. Craft, influenced her interest in painting female figures.

Speer has developed a successful career, partially driven by social media. Her instgram account September Wildflowers has gained a huge following where she often shares her process of painting these etherial figures. I’ve been excited about one of her most recent projects which she recorded a time-lapse process video for. The video is in itself a piece of art, creating an ambiance with its playful animations and personal touches (that adorable little cat poking its head in the frame!). Enjoy below:

Her paintings themselves have tremendous amount of soul put into them. The longer you look at them the more charming and exquisite details present themselves. The pieces have a focus on mythicality, symbolism, and color. The color harmony and selection in each piece is clearly very intentional and enhances the mood of the figures and their environments. What do you think of Ruth Speer?

Featured Image Info: Ruth Speer, Dark Mirror, 2017

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