Abstraction and Texture

By: Jeremy Cannon

~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~

This week I really wanted to break away from my usual self portraits and landscapes by abstracting things I use and see everyday. I do this every couple of weeks to try and refresh my view on things, as well as remind myself that the things I interact with daily are beautiful and dynamic even if I take them for granted. I love this exercise because I always finish feeling like my eyes are just a little more attentive to the world around me.


~This Weeks Photographs~   


This is a picture of a lovely leopard jasper stone I’ve had on display in my room ever since I was a child. It is a small stone that requires a keen eye to see how truly amazing it is. When viewed from close up it looks like a painting. I still can’t believe how beautiful it looks from close up. It looks so painstakingly designed and crafted that if I hadn’t seen the stone itself I don’t think I would believe it was a stone!


This is a close up on a case I keep my records in. I think the leather striations give it a wonderful texture that speaks of grace and aging. I mostly like this picture for the color. I love the bold blue and gentle markings, they really add a sense of contrast and juxtaposition.


This is a close up photograph of an amethyst geode. I am obsessed with gems and stones so this wonderful gem has been a staple in my collection for years. I have started ignoring it due to the length of time it has been in my possession, however my this exercise has really brought me to a new appreciation for the beauty it holds. I can’t decide which photo I like better this or the jasper but they are both so elegant and exciting.


This last photograph is of a roll of twine. I use twine for a multitude of things such as decorations as well as crafts. I very rarely don’t have access to this material and I don’t ever recall appreciating the texture even though it’s wonderful. I feel like this texture is universally understood as I can almost feel it between my fingers as I look at this image.

~Have a Wonderful Week!~

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