Animal Series: Anglerfish

By: Staci Srebro


For my next few posts on this blog, I will be posting artwork that pertains to my future art exhibition at Keystone College. I am not a senior yet, but will be starting the fall 2018 semester, so it’ still good to practice my artwork and theme for my future show. At Keystone College, all senior art students work through their senior semesters to create a body of work in any art media they choose, and once its complete they display their artwork in a gallery.

I am drawing a series of animals that are mutated or distorted in one way or another. I start off sketching these animals from animals in real life, but I elongate or distort a lot of the proportions, add extra limbs, remove limbs, etc.


Once I finish the pencil drawing, I draw over the lines using a black sharpie marker, keeping the lines bold and very angular.

Eventually, these drawings will be transferred onto linoleum blocks to make linocut prints. In future blog posts, I will post a few photos of the linoleum blocks themselves to show the different textures a linoleum block can add to these drawings.

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