Man-Made Structures in Nature

By: Jeremy Cannon

~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~

This week I decided to look through a bunch of pictures that I had taken to see what if any repeating themes come up that I wasn’t aware of. I like to think that we unconsciously are drawn back to the same themes. The type of images I think I am drawn to take unconsciously are man-made structures in nature. I really love the way the two very contrasting types of organic and inorganic material create a narrative that many people can immediately understand is quite wonderful.

~This Weeks Photographs~   


I really love this photo, and for a long time I had it formatted into the backgrounds of all my electronic devices. The long walk way that is slowly deteriorating is a good symbol for life’s journey. I love the slight illumination by the setting sun as well as the pops of bright and dark color created by the rust as well as the orange chunks that had come lose and fallen off.  Overall I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking down this trail.


As you can probably tell, I think rust is amazingly beautiful. I use it in almost all of my work. I love its color and the way it forms. I think that rust is symbolic of a hard-fought well lived life spent battling the element un-moving and confident. The way the light blue colors of the sign play off the dark rusty orange is awesome. I love the contrast of the trees in the background as well , they lean in the opposite direction as the sign further separating them from one another.


This photograph is of a sculpture that is in a park setting. It has become completely rusted and decayed in a beautifully tragic way. I like the placement of the sun just overhead that it seems as if the sculpture has been washed out of color solely by the suns presence. The trees in the background contrast the perfectly formed curved and shapes of the structure with their wild  limbs flailing upward.

That’s It from me this time so as always..

~Have a Wonderful Week!~

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