Animal Series: Praying Mantis

By: Staci Srebro

As previously mentioned in last week’s post, I am drawing a series of animals and building up a body of work for my future senior art show.

I am trying to draw as many different types of animals as possible: not only mammals, or only cats…even though they are my favorite animals!Mantis1

I drew a Praying Mantis because they are one of my favorite insects. My intention with my work is to make these animals more eerie and creepy while making them pushed from real life a bit: basically, I’m creating my own creatures. I’m very interested in horror and fantasy elements in any art form I like: visual art, movies, novels, etc. I want to find a balance of my creatures looking like scary animals, but at the end of the day they still are just animals: they are not blood thirsty monsters, they’re animals that happen to look weird, unsettling, or have to hunt to survive.

Sometimes this whole idea of being creepy is helped by beginning with an animal that is already associated with being creepy. I don’t like most insects, but they are a good subject matter to draw with this particular topic.


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