A Wearable Design

By Lindsey Lockwood

Design-oriented tasks involving clothes are some of my favorite projects to do! It is always rewarding to see your work displayed or be put to use. It is extra special when someone enjoys or connects with your design so much that they want to physically wear it. I have been lucky enough to do a couple of shirt designs for different programs and organizations in the past, and in this weeks post I wanted to discuss my most recent design because it is fresh from production!

The Keystone Art Society produces a shirt each year that we sell to members and to the public as a fundraiser towards club events and trips. In recent years, other members designs’ featured an illustration and a quote, usually from a favorite historical artist. For 2018’s shirt, I wanted to make a quote on its own the focus of the design. I chose one from one of our Professors at Keystone- Dave Porter! “Get Lost! In the Artistic Reverie” is a modification of a statement he said often in a couple of my fundamental courses; the ‘artistic reverie’ quickly became a common theme among my class when we were freshmen. I thought it resonated with the Keystone Art Society well and thought it would be interesting to illustrate.


Typography is the act of altering, styling, and enhancing text to make it more visually engaging. I broke up each segment of the quote and aimed to visually convey the feeling of that specific segment or single word. This design was all drawn by hand, black marker on white paper, then converted to white shapes on a black background in a digital format.


Concerning the other graphic elements you see, they are not the focus of the design like the bold white words are but rather intended to add a whimsical quality. I included the pencil that is drawing the engraved ribbon as a way to illustrate the creative process. I also tried to carry that theme down to the bottom by using a star from the top corner as a part of the ‘i’ in Reverie.

The shirt design also needed a smaller front component that linked the shirt to the Keystone Art Society. I used two of the font styles from the back and incorporated the ribbon and starry element again, in order for both sides of the shirt to be associated with one another.


I am very pleased with how the design turned out on fabric, the sweatshirt is just as cozy as it looks!


Thank you for reading, now Get Lost! (In the Artistic Reverie)

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