Night-time Photography

By: Jeremy Cannon

~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~

This week I wanted to try working on light, but since I had already made a post earlier on light and shadow I thought instead of day time photography why not attempt night photography. I am always a little apprehensive about taking pictures at night. I can never seem to do it as effectually as I would like. The balance of night-time photography is something I have a hard time getting. Usually I wait to long and there is no light or I try to overcompensate by taking the picture at dusk. To make my life a tiny bit easier I decided to take these photos in a city where the light pollution would be able to assist.



This Photo is what inspired me to attempt this type of photo’s this week. I took this as a seaside pub on my trip to North Carolina this summer. I really love the way the water reflects the houses illuminated windows and distorts it. It gives a very calm yet uneasy vibe to the whole setting.

These two photo’s are around my apartment and I love them because they have to separate types of lighting even tho I took them while I stood in the same spot. The more artificial and strong light gives off a yellow tone that in my opinion gives it a horror movie feeling. The emptiness as well as the single lit window add an unsettling quality.  The second photo is of the encroaching darkness behind the viewer. I enjoy the narrative that despite the hints of safety or that there is a crowd beyond the passageway, there is something not entirely safe about the route.  Well that’s all from me for this week, so as always…

~Have a Wonderful Week!~

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