By: Jeremy Cannon

~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~

This week I took a lot of abstract photos. I really like using abstraction, the concept as a whole is very intriguing and breathing new life into we object that I find familiar is such a magical experience.  I use self portraiture as my main avenue for photography so abstraction is a great way to shake things up and feel refreshed.



This is a picture of a steamed over mirror, I have always liked the look of the random streaks as well as the slight variation in light reflection as well as the way the steam layers. I think that an increase in the contrast would help this photo since it feels unresolved but I’m happy with the overall composition.


This is a photograph of a ceramic bowl that I have in my house. The white mud crackle glaze is the stand out feature of this photo. The random fracturing as well as the root like negative space creates a wonderful effect. I think this is my favorite photograph for this week.


This photo is of the tile in my bathroom. I love the patter and color of my bathroom and I use it a lot in my normal self portraiture but it never gets to much attention as its own photograph. I like the speckles of white in the common pink ones and think they add a textile look to the photo. Well that’s all from me for this weekend, so as always…

~Have a Wonderful Week!~


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