Cryptid Crossing

By: Courtney McCreary

Hi everyone!

This week I wanted to share a watercolor piece I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks in senior seminar. It is an illustration of a my own designed cryptid within a landscape, what would be considered its natural habitat. The creature blends in with the background instead of standing out in order to create a sense of mystery and ambiguity. What might seem like tree branches and vines is actually a humanoid figure at a second glance. My goal is to portray these creatures as they would be witnessed in the field, kind of like a brief snapshot. Eyewitness accounts of famous cryptids usually involve a very vague description, often because the person didn’t get a crystal clear view of the creature. This is a concept I’m aiming to mimic in my pieces, where the creature is depicted ambiguously among its surroundings. Throughout the next few semesters I’ll be experimenting with different landscapes and creatures to find what works best.


For this illustration I am using micron pens, ink, and watercolor paints. I started by drawing in the landscape and creature using a gird. Then I used micron pens to modulate lines and use crosshatching for shading. Currently I’m using watercolors to add color throughout the piece. Eventually I’ll use white and black ink for highlights and shadows and go back in with the micron pens again to add any fine details. This type of painting is very meticulous, and it can be very tedious at times to work on. At this point, I’d say I’m almost halfway finished. I will definitely post the completed piece later on in the semester!

Have an awesome week!

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