Radical Redesign

By Lindsey Lockwood

This week I’d like to share an ongoing project that I recently started! If you haven’t heard of Keystone alum and sculpture studio tech Tom Murray’s local band Static in the Attic, you’re missing out! This semester I wanted to design a logo specifically for a band, because I was interested in doing something with a lot of energy and color. A classmate of mine suggested I talk to Tom and inquire about a possible redesign of their current logo.

Image from https://www.staticintheattic.com/

Shown above is their current logo; the typeface matches their music’s funky vibe and works pretty well for their brand. When it comes to graphic design, there are an unlimited amount of right answers and good designs. If five different artists are commissioned to design the same thing, they will all create something different. Chances are, all five options will be good, solid designs!

My Redesign

I wanted to challenge myself, work the most on changing the typography and see what my recreation would be; knowing that they may adopt it as their own or not. What works for you as a designer might not correlate with a client’s idea, and that’s okay! It’s all a part of the field.


I wanted to take an illustrative approach to their logo, and show that there literally is ‘static in the attic’. All letter forms were digitally drawn by me, and designed to appear like they where shooting out of the house and popping the roof off. Getting each letter to look unique and still be legible was quite the task, but I think this current solution is just as readable as it is engaging to look at. I kept the same color combinations, and the bright yellow worked out really well for the lightning bolt look of the text.

This is still technically a work in progress, so stay tuned to see if I make any edits or major changes to the logo! Thank you for reading!

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