By: Jeremy Cannon

~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~

Lately I’ve been noticing very small but beautiful moments in the natural light that cascades into my apartment. The way that natural light seeps into homes is something I love, especially when it creates comfortable and warm feelings within the viewer. I think that these feelings are definitely something that a large amount of people can relate too.

~This Weeks Photographs~


 This photo is of the light created by the slits in the blinds of my window. The light creates a wonderful negative space against the  floor the light is cast on. I think this photo is my favorite for the week and I love how it turned out.


This photo is the window shades that created the light and shadow in the first photograph. I think this is my least favorite, due to the cliché photo content. I just wanted to have the two show how the shadow and light was cast.


This was a smaller photo that I took that shows the was the shadow my art supplies cast on the wall behind them. I tried to crop it so that the small shadows were the focal point. I’m not crazy about this photo, but I like it more than the last one.  Well that’s all from me for this weekend, so as always…

~Have a Wonderful Week!~


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