Nature Photography

~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~
This week I went on a nature hike to a natural spring near my house. This spring has been my favorite spot since I was a child and I love returning to it every spring to see how it has changed in small as well as large ways while I was stuck inside all winter. I’ve taken pictures of this area all throughout my life even before I decided that I wanted to major in digital photography so I always get super excited when I can revisit and possibly re-shoot old pictures from before I knew what I was doing.
~This Weeks Photo’s~
This collection of leaves caught my attention because they were cradled into the embrace of the pine nettles as if they were being comforted on their way to the forest floor. I love capturing moments like this due to the personification of nature as a caring and tender.
This Photograph is of the start of the natural spring. The leaves and moss collect at the edges and give this wonderful aged quality. the earthy colors as well as the overall grit give the picture a lovely quality.
This photo is of a tree that has collapsed and nature is slowly eating away at it. I wanted to capture the cruel side of nature to accompany the other two pictures that showcased the more gentle personification of nature. I think that the duality of natures two sides are a great connection. Well that’s all from me for this week, so as always…
~Have a Wonderful Week!~

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