Mixed Media by Jessica Maietta

By: Courtney McCreary

Hi everyone!

This week I’m featuring a mixed media piece by Jessica Maietta. Jessica is a visual arts major at Keystone College concentrating in drawing and painting. She is currently exhibiting work in her senior show. Although this piece in particular is not included in the exhibition, it gives you a pretty good example of her style and medium.


This is Jessica’s most current project which incorporates acrylic and metallic paint, ink, colored pencil, stamps, and collage. One of the interesting aspects is the background, which is a collage of patterned paper on hardboard, and painted over with translucent acrylics. Texture and pattern added to supports beforehand create integral parts to a mixed media piece. It can also hep tie the entire piece together and make it unified. Another interesting bit is the use of metallic paint, which can be risky, but is handled very well in this piece. Metallics in painting, when used in excess, can come across as decorative. However, in this case Jessica has used the copper paint border to accent the colors throughout the piece, again creating a sense of unity.

This is just one example of Jessica Maietta’s artwork, and more of her work can be viewed on her website:


Have a great week!

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