Redrawing Older Art

By: Staci Srebro

This week, I redrew an old drawing I posted on this blog here. Sometimes I like redrawing old art because it’s fun to see how much your art can improve even over a few months or so.


I began this drawing in a similar way as the Totoro drawing I did using Blick Markers. I started by sketching out the image very lightly in pencil. Once I liked the pencil drawing, I erased the image to be very light and just barely visible. This is because I wanted to paint this drawing in using light colors, and pencil can show through if it’s drawn too dark.


I painted in the pencil drawing using light washes of acrylic paint mixed with a lot of water. Acrylic paint can be mixed with water and can be painted in a somewhat similar way as watercolors: by adding lots of thin layers that can be blended together to build up the color.

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