Meet Lorien Stern

By: Melanie Rosato


Portrait by Dave McPeters

Meet Lorien Stern, a ceramicist based in Inoykern, California, a secluded town in the Western Mojave Desert. In an interview she states, “I love the Internet and Instagram for this reason. I can live in the middle of nowhere and share stuff and connect with people all over the world. I love that we are living in a time where it’s a lot easier to become your own boss and not have to rely on other people to promote you. I put in long hours, but I love what I do, so it rarely feels like working,” in regards to living in a small town while being a working artist. Big cities tend to be the desirable locations for artists making their way into the industry, but Stern proves that will dedication, hard work, and some extra creativity you can build a brand from the middle of the desert (literally!).


She studied at the California College of the Arts and now runs a small brand of clothing, home décor, and art prints. Her work is made with the intention of bringing happiness to the audience, although many of her pieces still contain imagery that may not be considered inherently joyful.


Featured Photo by Jeff McLane of Lorien Stern’s Installation titled, “Stardust,” at Ochi Projects, of a cemetery scene.
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