Illustration Book

By: Staci Srebro

In a previous post I made, I began the process of making my own book full of illustrations. Well, this week I finished my book!

30771531_1570228486429661_1960268346_oThis is my completed accordion book. As you can see, this type of book can stand up on its own, and is made up of multiple folded sections. Accordion books can be made up of any content. I wanted to use my own cat character I’ve been working on to tell a story through this book.

30772376_1570229563096220_179167527_oHere are the first few pages of this book, depicting the stages of this cat growing up. I wanted to draw this demon cat doing things a typical cat would do: playing with toys, trying to catch a laser pointer, or chasing mice. I used Prismacolor pencils to shade each drawing.

31028375_1570228496429660_1249679022_oThe book ends with the cat finally grown up. I like the idea of using fairly simple illustrations with no words to tell a story in a book. Maybe I’ll make more illustrated books in the future.

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