Non-Organic Subject Matter

By: Jeremy Cannon ~ Hello and good Monday everyone!  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my content here lately and I realized that my usual post usually have at least one photo being centered around organic material. I try not to get stuck in the same repetitive loop that subject matter can become so this week I challenged myself to find some of my … Continue reading Non-Organic Subject Matter

Expect the Unexpected – La Hütte Royal

By: Joanna Wallace Tucked away on Troy Hill in Pittsburgh is an art installation like no other. It is hard to express in words just what La Hütte Royal is, but if you like fun houses and installation art, you’re going to love this place. In this former squatters’ residence, artist Thorsten Brinkmann of Hamburg, Germany has created an entirely new space within an ordinary … Continue reading Expect the Unexpected – La Hütte Royal

Alla Prima

By: Courtney McCreary Hi everyone~ One traditional method of painting is known as “alla prima”, which basically means “all at once”. It’s very similar to en plein air in landscape painting (which I discussed in a previous post), in that its completed in one or two sessions. Because of this, alla prima paintings tend to appear loose, with less fine details. But by no means … Continue reading Alla Prima

Why is it Famous? – The Birth of Venus

By: Joanna Wallace I’m sure you recognize this one, as it’s one of the most revered paintings in history! This is Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. It was painted between 1482 and 1485 in Tuscany and now resides in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. It is significant now for various reasons, but didn’t rise to fame until several centuries after its completion. The Image: … Continue reading Why is it Famous? – The Birth of Venus

Vincent Cianni’s Documentary Photography

By: Melanie Rosato Meet Vincent Cianni, a photographer who; for an influential project, focused on skaters in the south side of Brooklyn in the 1990s. With extensive interviewing and interaction with these young skaters, Cianni was able to capture not only their style, environments, and activities, but also their distinctive attitudes. Throughout this project, which spanned over 9 years, Cianni documented the group’s development in … Continue reading Vincent Cianni’s Documentary Photography

Paste Paper

By Lindsey Lockwood Recently I experimented with making Paste Paper for the first time. A Paste Paper is a sheet of paper (I used Canson) that has been altered by painting on the surface with an acrylic paint and methyl cellulose mixture. After laying down the colored paste mixture, designs are created by carefully using brushes or different types of tools and household items to make … Continue reading Paste Paper