Stylized Portraits

By: Staci Srebro For this week’s post, I decided to continue in a similar style as last week’s drawing. I decided to draw Robert Smith because he also has a very iconic and dramatic look. After sketching in pencil, I used Sharpie marker to shade the drawing and used hatch marks to shade certain areas. This technique adds texture and interest to areas that would normally be … Continue reading Stylized Portraits

Using Blick Markers

By: Staci Srebro Recently, I bought myself some Blick brand markers. I wanted some high quality markers like Copics, but I heard good things about Blick markers, that they’re highly similar to Copics, and they’re more affordable, so I tried them out. I started with a sketch of some characters from the movie  My Neighbor Totoro. I wanted to draw something that I could use soft … Continue reading Using Blick Markers

Merry Christmas!

By: Staci Srebro I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but this will be my last blog post that’s published before December 25th so I wanted to say merry Christmas to anyone celebrating! I am continuing with my holiday and winter themed illustrations. For this snowman sundae illustration, I used only color for the line work instead of how I traditionally use a black outline. … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Character Design

By: Staci Srebro For this week’s post, I want to discuss how I go about designing characters. A key lesson to remember when designing your own characters is to avoid “same face syndrome.” This means pretty much what it sounds like: when all of your characters look incredibly similar with their face shape, hairstyles, nose shape, etc. A simple exercise to help yourself loosen up … Continue reading Character Design

Complementary Colors Study

By: Staci Srebro Hello everyone, This week’s post is a continuation of the previous week’s where I  talked about complementary colors. I wanted to apply complementary colors to one of my drawings themed around flowers. After inking the drawing in a black outline, I will be coloring it using a mainly red and green color scheme. I chose this color scheme because I used to … Continue reading Complementary Colors Study

Complementary Colors

By: Staci Srebro In drawing, painting, or basically any art form, I feel using complementary colors to your advantage is extremely important. Colors can set the mood for a piece and add interest. Complementary colors are very striking against one another: one color causes the other to pop. This effect can be used to your advantage in your art. Complementary colors are colors opposite from one … Continue reading Complementary Colors