Deep Space

By: Catara Lane This week In my 2-D Design class I had to come up with an outline for my Deep Space project. The objective was to “explore pattern and space through perspective,” and to “project pattern into an illusion of three-dimensional space.” As my professor was explaining to the class what we had to do, it sounded complicated. Afterwards, when she showed us pictures of examples it looked … Continue reading Deep Space

Mandala Art

By: Catara Lane Have you ever wondered where the design on tapestries came from? Well, the design on modern-day tapestries is mainly mandala art. The mandala originated as a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism that represented the universe. Now the mandala has become a term for any diagram, chart, or geometric pattern that represents the universe being well-ordered and spiritual, symbolically. You don’t have to … Continue reading Mandala Art