Mixed Media in Painting

By: Courtney McCreary One of the most beneficial aspects of painting is the versatility of paints themselves. Different paints can be incorporated into mixed media pieces to create some really cool effects. Since there are a plethora of mixed media combinations, this week I thought I’d share a few that I’ve worked with before. These are just a handful, so remember you can always experiment … Continue reading Mixed Media in Painting

A Creepy Creature

By: Courtney McCreary Who doesn’t love cryptids, right? Whether or not you believe in them, you’ve got to admit the stories behind them are somewhat interesting to hear about. “Cryptid“ is a term used to describe unknown creatures around the world, literally meaning “an animal whose existence is questionable“. For my senior exhibition next year I will be developing some cryptids of my own, using … Continue reading A Creepy Creature

Perfect Painting Palettes

By: Courtney McCreary Hey there! This week I thought I’d share some general tips for taking care of your oil painting palette. For an oil painter, a wooden palette is a traditional tool that can last years if treated well, so proper maintenance now will help you in the long run. Check out these tips! DO find a palette that’s comfortable for you. They come … Continue reading Perfect Painting Palettes

Still Life Painting

By: Courtney McCreary Still lives are extremely popular subject matter for painters and drawers alike. They’re done from direct observation, and are somewhat convenient since your subject matter won’t be moving around on you. Depending on how detailed you are, you can spend hours rendering the same object, perfecting it to your heart’s desire. And literally any inanimate object can be used for a still … Continue reading Still Life Painting

“Hey There Demons, It’s Me, Ya Boy”

By: Courtney McCreary As the semester winds down and I slowly lose my mental stability, this week I thought I’d share a painting I did entirely for fun. This is a 9×12 painting on canvas that I did over the summer. Obviously it’s not the greatest painting. It’s definitely not something I’d ever exhibit, just something fun I made on a spur of the moment … Continue reading “Hey There Demons, It’s Me, Ya Boy”

Key It Up- Value Keys and Their Impact on Paintings

By: Courtney McCreary Hi Everyone~ One of the most important things to consider when painting is which value key you want to work with in terms of colors and values. Each key universally conveys different moods, which can give the viewer a certain feeling to associate with the painting. This week I’ll briefly describe the three main value keys used in painting and their corresponding … Continue reading Key It Up- Value Keys and Their Impact on Paintings