Non-Organic Subject Matter

By: Jeremy Cannon ~ Hello and good Monday everyone!  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my content here lately and I realized that my usual post usually have at least one photo being centered around organic material. I try not to get stuck in the same repetitive loop that subject matter can become so this week I challenged myself to find some of my … Continue reading Non-Organic Subject Matter

Polaroid Cameras

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and good Monday everyone!~ I have recently gotten extremely into instant/Polaroid photography. There is something so fun and exciting about it because there are immediate results with a physical and palpable product being produced. I purchased the FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 over the summer and honestly I was super terrible at using it when I first started. All of my photos were … Continue reading Polaroid Cameras

Nocturnal Urban Landscapes

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and good Monday everyone!~ This week I took an interest in urban landscapes. I decided to walk around Scranton and found myself drawn to this small coffee shop’s exterior. I liked the lines that it created and couldn’t resist snapping a couple photos. In these photographs I wanted to really capture the essence of mystery and romance the ally-way emitted. The … Continue reading Nocturnal Urban Landscapes