Paste Paper

By Lindsey Lockwood Recently I experimented with making Paste Paper for the first time. A Paste Paper is a sheet of paper (I used Canson) that has been altered by painting on the surface with an acrylic paint and┬ámethyl cellulose mixture. After laying down the colored paste mixture, designs are created by carefully using brushes or different types of tools and household items to make … Continue reading Paste Paper

Color Experimentation

By: Lindsey Lockwood Last week I discussed how I put together a portrait print using two blocks; this week I wanted to experiment with them! Colors & Combos I chose my colors and paper tones carefully. My goal was to make combinations that would clearly be from the same color family and other combinations that would be opposite of that. I used neutral colors that … Continue reading Color Experimentation

A Printed Portrait

By Lindsey Lockwood For this new project I wanted to take a past technique and do a little experimentation. In my previous post I discussed a color reduction linoleum print. I believe that the end result was successful, but I regretted not doing different color variations and different series. Once the final layer was done for that specific edition, I was unable to go back … Continue reading A Printed Portrait

Precision & Patience

By: Lindsey Lockwood The span of Printmaking covers a number of different techniques, such as screen printing, woodblock carving, copper etching, linoleum carving, and more. Each specific process affords unique capabilities, and anyone interested in print media should explore them all! When it comes to my personal studies, linoleum carving is what I’ve been drawn to the most. I’ve found that it is a great … Continue reading Precision & Patience