Trixie Mattel Prismacolor Drawing

By: Staci Srebro This week, I’m taking a break from drawings for my future exhibition work. I love the subject matter I’m working on, but sometimes you just need to step back from the pressure of making art that will be critiqued much more heavily. I feel like some people at times feel like art is just always for fun, relaxation, or an outlet for … Continue reading Trixie Mattel Prismacolor Drawing

Halloween Illustrations

By: Staci Srebro Hello everyone! Since this is my last post for the month of October, I decided to do two different Halloween themed illustrations in honor of my favorite holiday! My first illustration is my favorite animal, a cat (a ghost cat in this case), with a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Drawing should be fun…most of the time, so it’s important to love the subject … Continue reading Halloween Illustrations

Contemporary Art Today-Glenn Ligon

By: Melanie Rosato Let me introduce you to Glenn Ligon, a conceptual artist born in 1960. Although, his concepts have an autobiographical quality, he emphasizes that his work is about a collective group. His work examines American ideals through referencing historical sources he acquires. The content of his work confronts slavery, oppressive sexual politics, and the civil rights movement through multi-media pieces. His mediums have … Continue reading Contemporary Art Today-Glenn Ligon

Precision & Patience

By: Lindsey Lockwood The span of Printmaking covers a number of different techniques, such as screen printing, woodblock carving, copper etching, linoleum carving, and more. Each specific process affords unique capabilities, and anyone interested in print media should explore them all! When it comes to my personal studies, linoleum carving is what I’ve been drawn to the most. I’ve found that it is a great … Continue reading Precision & Patience

Nocturnal Urban Landscapes

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and good Monday everyone!~ This week I took an interest in urban landscapes. I decided to walk around Scranton and found myself drawn to this small coffee shop’s exterior. I liked the lines that it created and couldn’t resist snapping a couple photos. In these photographs I wanted to really capture the essence of mystery and romance the ally-way emitted. The … Continue reading Nocturnal Urban Landscapes