Joanna Wallace

Meet Joanna!

Class of: 2020

Blog Subject: Art History

Major: Visual Art

I chose Keystone’s art program because I started my freshman year as a Forensic Biology major, but discovered science was not the career for me. After a semester of being undeclared, I took an art class just for kicks and realized I liked creating and working with my hands much more than anything else I’ve tried!

I think the purpose of art is to create a reaction in a person when they experience a piece, whether positive or negative. I think it is to create emotion, appreciation, and even awareness. How each person defines the kind of art that causes this reaction for him or her is different, and that is another part of what makes art so great, it can have power unlike anything else. I make art because it is a stress reliever for me, I enjoy challenging myself and honing my skills, and I like learning new things!

My favorite studio at Keystone has been 3D Design because as someone with very little art background before college, I was able to experiment with many different media. With the guidance of Katie Hovencamp, I created sculptures that pushed the boundary of what I thought I could do, and what could be defined as sculpture. It was very eye-opening and exciting.

In my free time I like traveling to new places and learning the history of different areas and cultures. I also like to hike, cook, and take portraits of my friends…and eat ice cream!

┬áIn the future I don’t know what I aspire to do! I know I want to have a job that I’m excited to work on and enjoy dedicating my time to, what that work will be, I’m not sure yet.