Lindsey Lockwood

Meet Lindsey!

Class of: 2019

Blog Subject: Graphic Design

Major: Graphic Design and Printmaking


I chose Keystone’s art program because it was the small school vibe I was interested in; I was drawn to how close-knit it seemed to be. Thankfully I was right; all of my studio classes have been the size I prefered, and I’m positive that I have made the progress I have because of the extensive professor imput I received in each class.

I make art because it’s what I’m best at. I enjoy creating with different media and producing things I can be proud of. I am concentrating and deeply rooted in design, so for me the purpose of art is to organize visual information in an effective and creative way.

My favorite studio at Keystone has been my first printmaking class! It was one of the first studio courses I had that allowed each student to create their own work and ideas, watching others grow alongside me is always encouraging and endlessly interesting.

In my free time I plan projects, listen to music, and play games. I am a Barista on weekends and on breaks!

In the future I aspire to find my place in the Design industry, wherever it may be, and continue my own artwork as a passion. I’m striving to be a working artist and create a career for myself.