Night-time Photography

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ This week I wanted to try working on light, but since I had already made a post earlier on light and shadow I thought instead of day time photography why not attempt night photography. I am always a little apprehensive about taking pictures at night. I can never seem to do it as effectually as I would … Continue reading Night-time Photography

A Creepy Creature

By: Courtney McCreary Who doesn’t love cryptids, right? Whether or not you believe in them, you’ve got to admit the stories behind them are somewhat interesting to hear about. “Cryptid“ is a term used to describe unknown creatures around the world, literally meaning “an animal whose existence is questionable“. For my senior exhibition next year I will be developing some cryptids of my own, using … Continue reading A Creepy Creature

Things that Date a Photo

By: Jeremy Cannon ~Hello and Good Monday Everyone~ Having various props, costuming, and other elements in your work is a source of great excitement and fun for a photographer! There are certain times that we want to have a photo dated by the various elements contained within it, however there are also times when a photo is stronger when it can remain timeless. For the … Continue reading Things that Date a Photo

Art You Can Get Into

By: Joanna Wallace The Mattress Factory Museum was founded in 1977 on Pittsburgh’s North Side. The main building, originally built in 1900, was a Stearns & Foster mattress warehouse, and in 1982, the first exhibition of installations opened to the public. Since this opening, the Mattress Factory has shown work by over 750 artists. “The museum supports established and emerging artists through a residency program … Continue reading Art You Can Get Into

The Presidental Portraits

By: Melanie Rosato I don’t know about everyone else, but I was jumping off the walls when I woke up and heard the presidential portraits were reveled this past week. After viewing them, I am still marveling at the artist’s representation of the former President and First Lady. They are each striking examples of contemporary portraiture that breaks the rules and take an innovative stance … Continue reading The Presidental Portraits

A Wearable Design

By Lindsey Lockwood Design-oriented tasks involving clothes are some of my favorite projects to do! It is always rewarding to see your work displayed or be put to use. It is extra special when someone enjoys or connects with your design so much that they want to physically wear it. I have been lucky enough to do a couple of shirt designs for different programs … Continue reading A Wearable Design