“Hey There Demons, It’s Me, Ya Boy”

By: Courtney McCreary As the semester winds down and I slowly lose my mental stability, this week I thought I’d share a painting I did entirely for fun. This is a 9×12 painting on canvas that I did over the summer. Obviously it’s not the greatest painting. It’s definitely not something I’d ever exhibit, just something fun I made on a spur of the moment … Continue reading “Hey There Demons, It’s Me, Ya Boy”

A Hauntingly Beautiful Surprise

By: Joanna Wallace In the town of Hallstatt (Pronounced: HALL-SHTAHT), Austria, there is something called a Charnel House, or a vault/chapel where human remains are stored. In the case of the Hallstatt charnel house, it is filled with the cleaned and decorated skulls and bones of over 2,100 people. When my brother and I arrived in Austria, we had never heard of “the bone chapel” … Continue reading A Hauntingly Beautiful Surprise

Edward Hopper

By: Melanie Rosato Edward Hopper, if you are not already familiar with him, was a master realist painter in the early 1900’s. He has a particular focus on architecture, light patterns, and process. His extenisve sketching and planning resulted in paintings that have a spontaneous yet well resolved quality, capturing a single breath or moment in time. His use of light makes the fact that he … Continue reading Edward Hopper

Side Profiles in the Round

By: William Lycholaj For a while last semester I explored the more figurative side of thrown pots, being inspired by some of the ceramic works by Pablo Picasso and the very early works of Peter Voulkos. I played with the idea that the contour of the pot represented a single side profile view of a face or animal therefore turning a 2-D image into a … Continue reading Side Profiles in the Round

Alumni Artist Spotlight- Cree Gregory

By: Melanie Rosato Meet Cree Gregory!   Q: What media do you work with and why? A: Recently I’ve been working primarily with digital media. It’s convenient after working all day at my “regular” job, because I can easily take out my tablet and start drawing or painting without needing to mix colors or get supplies together in the limited time I have. Q: What … Continue reading Alumni Artist Spotlight- Cree Gregory

Character Design

By: Staci Srebro For this week’s post, I want to discuss how I go about designing characters. A key lesson to remember when designing your own characters is to avoid “same face syndrome.” This means pretty much what it sounds like: when all of your characters look incredibly similar with their face shape, hairstyles, nose shape, etc. A simple exercise to help yourself loosen up … Continue reading Character Design

Key It Up- Value Keys and Their Impact on Paintings

By: Courtney McCreary Hi Everyone~ One of the most important things to consider when painting is which value key you want to work with in terms of colors and values. Each key universally conveys different moods, which can give the viewer a certain feeling to associate with the painting. This week I’ll briefly describe the three main value keys used in painting and their corresponding … Continue reading Key It Up- Value Keys and Their Impact on Paintings